Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I went out and watched this movie the day it came out, and I have to stay, I liked it. I wasn't that annoyed with movies length, it made up for it with awesome explosions, the Asian character, and in general, the CG. The new girl "Rosie" was alright, however, Megan was better, Rosie's lips annoyed the shit out of me. Fucking duck face all day every day. If I was invited to go watch this again with other people, I probably would. I'm a giant Mecha fan, and when it involves space, well, FUCK YEA.
You better fucking watch it...or else!


  1. hey dude, I'm your first google-friends follower!! :-) keep it up

  2. Good shit, I did a review on this too.